Tamatare Remedy: Symptoms and their remedy methods (for general injuries)

''Tamatare Remedy'' Tamatare means recovery of homeostasis, in other words, recovery of constancy body’s healthy balance.

Tamatare Remedy: Symptoms and their remedy methods (for general injuries)

Symptoms and their remedy methods (for sports injuries)

Tamatare Remedy is very effective as an early treatment and cure of sports injuries. For example, a professional baseball player having pulled his calf muscle was diagnosed with an injury that requires one-month's period to heal, but Tamatare Remedy cured the injury in a few days and he hit a home run in the first game after his return. A high school basketball male player sprained his ankle severely just before departing for the National Athletics Meet, and he had to walk on crutches. Tamatare Remedy enabled him to walk without crutches in a few days and he was able to join the National Athletics Meet games. A single-sculls athlete had a disc hernia, but Tamatare Remedy cured it in a short period and enabled him to join a race, which he won. The ace pitcher of a high school baseball team, which would participate in Koshien tournament, had his dominant wrist and fingers injured. He could not hold disposable chopsticks, let alone pitch a ball, until two weeks before the tournament. Tamatare remedy cured his injury before the tournament, and the team won the first game. A young professional golfer had his wrist injured just before a tour, and became unable to grab a club. Tamatare Remedy cured it in a few days, and the player marked his first victory in the next week's tour event. A college student having had an official offer from a famous corporate American football team had his meniscus injured a half year before entering the corporate. Tamatare Remedy cured it before his employment. Afterward he played in the team for seven years until retirement without experiencing a recurrence of the problem. There are almost endless examples that show the effectiveness of Tamatare Remedy. This section explains Tamatare Remedy beginning with remedy methods for sports injuries.

Tamatare Remedy applies different remedy methods depending on the nature of the athletic game and the manner of injury even if the injured position in the body is the same. Volleyball players and rugby players would have knee pains by completely different causes. For example, knee pains of volleyball players are generally caused by jumps and landings, while those of rugby players typically come from injury of ligament caused by running footwork or tackles. Manners of knee problem differ between rugby and soccer although they are both caused by running. Knee pains of soccer players are caused by sharp changes of the body orientation when controlling the ball and by tackles received at the lower sections of legs. The major cause of knee pains of basketball players is the joint stress created by repeated dashes, stops, rebounds, and jumps. In addition to these causes, there is another one unique to basketball players: repulsion force from the wood floor. We have compared different examples of knee pain in a few athletic games. The same applies also to back pains, elbow pains, and ankle pains; they have different causes depending on the athletic event. Kendo and marathon cause ankle pains in completely different ways. Volleyball and baseball cause back pains in completely different ways. Tamatare Remedy attaches importance to these differences in its pain cure. This section briefly explains these differences.

General consideration I

Lower-back pains of different athletic events are different types of problem. They may have the same name: lower back pain, but the nature of the trouble in the muscle differs depending on the type of athletic event. If you ask a table-tennis player or a rugby player having a pain in the lower back, "Which part of your body aches?" or "When do you feel the pain?", the person asked will answer, "It aches when I bend down," or "It aches when I bend backward." If you consider only these answers, you may judge that they have the same lower back pain. But if you also consider how these pains occur, you will know that they are different types of lower back pain. Lower back pains of table tennis players are generally caused by twists of their bodies, because they hit fast light-weight ping-pang balls hard twisting the body vigorously at the same time. Lower back pains of rugby forward players are generally caused by overloads on the psoas magnus muscle, which happen when they bend down and try to transmit the force of the back muscle to the player in front. Lower back pains of rugby back field players are generally caused by overloads on running muscles such as the hamstring muscle group and the lumbar quadrate muscle. Lower back pains of different athletic events must be regarded as separate types of problem if the manners of using muscle in these athletic events are largely different one another.
Tamatare Remedy considers these differences when it cures lower back pains by balancing the muscle force transmission around the body axis while at the same time improving the muscle metabolism. The basic principle of curing lower back pains caused by sports activities is to use a remedy method appropriate for the nature of the injury.

General consideration II

General consideration III

General consideration IV

In case of a sports injury, be sure to take a specialized remedy.

A sports injury must be cured within a certain period. An injury happening just before a targeted competition prevents you from showing the true performance in the game, wasting the efforts you have made every day. Continuing your athletic activities without curing an injury may cause another injury and will shorten your athletic lifetime. Needless to say, a sports injury happens when the muscle, which is trained everyday, is used to the limit. The mechanism of their occurrence is completely different from general injuries.
Among nationwide remedy facilities under the umbrella of Kasuga Bodywork and Kasuga Sports Medicine Research Center, those that exercises remedy methods specialized for sports injuries are named Pain Offices, and the remedy method they use are named Tamatare Remedy. If you have a sports injury that does not cure well, visit one of our Pain Offices. Here is the complete list of sports-injury-specialized facilities that we granted the used of the name "Tamatare Remedy" and trade name "Pain Office".
Nationwide list of Pain Office Kasuga facilities