Tamatare Remedy

''Tamatare Remedy'' Tamatare means recovery of homeostasis, in other words, recovery of constancy body’s healthy balance.

Origin of the name ''Tamatare Remedy''
Tamatare means recovery of homeostasis, in other words, recovery of constancy body’s healthy balance. Human health is maintained by two major regulating functions: nerve and hormone. The status in which the health is maintained is called homeostatic property, or homeostasis. "Tama" means a sphere, in which shape a substance in nature becomes most stable. Human is part of nature. Kasuga named the remedy method Tamatare Remedy, hoping for recovery of constancy and healthiness sustained by homeostasis. Tamatare Remedy is an upgraded version of the nerve-muscle coordination method, which has been proven in a medical conference to be an epochal remedy method that improves the muscle condition. Tamatare Remedy shows distinguished effects on sports injuries and intractable general injuries.

High effectiveness of Tamatare Remedy

The nerve-muscle coordination method, which is the basis of Tamatare Remedy, rapidly improves muscle metabolism and is highly effective for self-sustained recovery of muscle. In addition to the fully incorporated essences of the nerve-muscle coordination method, Tamatare Remedy has the capability of effectively dealing with the complexity of muscles including its multi-layered structure and "inversion of chronic functions of muscle". Tamatare Remedy has also incorporated other clinical techniques such as "joint force axes coordination" and "joints alignment", which coordinate the ranges of movement of multiple joint surfaces that coordinate each other in body movements, and "coordination of muscle and born forces", which recovers the coordination of muscle and joints in movements. All these elements of Tamatare Remedy maintain the internal condition of the muscle and joints as if they are experiencing physical exercises although the patient is just resting and recuperating.
This is a very important aspect for a remedy of sports injuries because it allows the patient to return to competition very smoothly. This effect of Tamatare Remedy also cures general injuries, which are caused by the weakness of the joint or increased age as opposed to sports injury caused by overworking muscles and joints beyond the limit, and rapidly recovers smooth movements in everyday life and removes pains promptly.

Specific Explanation of Tamatare Remedy

Tamatare Remedy consists of three remedy systems: 1. nerve-muscle connection hand technique, 2. nerve-muscle extension hand technique, and 3. load and resistance retroaction hand technique. Its individual techniques include the nerve-muscle coordination method, the muscle coordination recovery method, the joint force axes adjustment method, the joint alignment adjustment method, the muscle-bone force adjustment method, the immune suppression method, the nerve reflex arc adjustment method, the hearing difficulty improvement face work method, and the eyesight recovery method. In fact, Tamatare Remedy refers to a set of remedy methods that involves 5,800 hand techniques.
Because Tamatare Remedy is such a huge system with so many hand techniques, specific explanations for individual remedy methods vary for each. So here we would like to take the "load and resistance retroaction hand technique"—a technique for rapidly recovering degenerated muscles— as an example and explain it in some details. This technique is also called the "resultant force and retroaction method". In this method, the patient exerts a force a litter trying to move the muscle. The therapist adds a force of half the strength to encourage the patient to move the muscle more actively with the combined force. The therapist however, places a counter pressure of the same strength as the combined force. With this counter pressure, the muscle fiber repeats extension and contraction vigorously, improving its ability of recomposing acetylcholine, which is the neural transmitter substance. This extends the nerve's control range of muscle, recovering the nerve-muscle connection. Recovered nerve-muscle connection increases the thickness of the muscle fiber as well as the number of active blood capillaries. The muscle then effectively recovers, and the resulting increase of crossbridges* recovers the muscle force on the scene. Applying this mechanism to muscles around a joint, the lower back, the middle back, or the neck will remove the pain very fast, and the joint that has been hard to move with the pain will also recover soon. This is just an example, but shows a mechanism of how muscles restore their capabilities.
※Crossbridge refers to the condition where myosin filaments and actin filaments are overlapping. It is a foundation of muscle force.

Proof of the effectiveness of Tamatare Remedy (from an academic conference report)

Exercise of muscle causes increased fatigue stuff and change of gas in the blood, regardless of whether the person is conscious of it or not. The fatigue stuff is a chemical substance called lactic acid. A major fatigue index representing gas change is decrease of the hydrogen ion density in the blood.

Take a look at the graph first. Result 1 and result 2 show how lactic acid generated in muscle gathers when a certain amount of load is continuously put on the muscle. Result 1 shows the amount of lactic acid generated in the muscle during a physical exercise when nothing has been done before the exercise. Result 2 shows the amount of lactic acid generated in the muscle during a physical exercise (the same physical load as in the case of result 1) when Tamatare Remedy has been performed before the exercise. There is a clear difference between the two.
Result 3 shows decrease of the hydrogen ion in the blood as a result of an exercise before which nothing had been done. Result 4 on the other hand shows the hydrogen ion in the blood generated as a result of an exercise before which Tamatare Remedy had been conducted. There is also a clear difference between result 3 and result 4.

As shown in these results, Tamatare Remedy before an exercise reduces the fatigue caused by the exercise. An injured muscle has lower resistance to exercises. Even if the pain has subsided, failure to recover the muscle resistance against exercises would cause a similar problem. This is more probable for athletes. Tamatare Remedy is very effective in these viewpoints.

Reason why Tamatare Remedy improves muscle metabolism significantly

Why does Tamatare Remedy improves muscle metabolism so fast? It is because Tamatare Remedy vitalizes neuromuscular units (connection points where the nerve moves muscle), so that the number of working muscle fibers increases and the muscle function is improved. (Increase of crossbridges and improvement of acetylcholine recomposition) The strength of the muscle function is determined by the number of muscle fibers overlaying each other. (Overlaying muscle fibers = crossbridge)
An increased number of crossbridges means a better in-muscle recomposition of acetylcholine—the neural transmitter substance that moves muscle. In such a condition, muscle consumes oxygen efficiently, so that less carbon dioxide is generated in blood. Moreover, the density of hydrogen ion in blood is maintained at a proper level. This means improvement of the gas metabolism in muscle, and it curbs generation of lactic acid.
Muscle fatigue is measured by how much of this gas and lactic acid is generated, and is quantified as the muscle metabolism efficiency. Tamatare Remedy is a breakthrough remedy that improves muscle metabolism efficiency rapidly.

Strength training for recovery of the muscle function that has been weakened through injury or age is harmful in most cases!

Many people tend to think that the muscle function is recovered by strengthening the muscle force by training, but the fact of the matter is completely different.
Muscle is driven by neural signals. When the muscle is excessively tired or there is some joint problem, transmission of neural signals to the muscle becomes less efficient. A training session in such a condition does not strengthen the muscle however intense the training is. On the contrary, it might shed an excess load on the muscle causing another problem.
An autonomous decrease of muscle force, an apparent muscle fatigue, or a joint problem requires recovery of smooth communication between the nerve and muscle. Regaining the smoothness is the recovery of the muscle function, and it is different from training the muscle.
Tamatare Remedy is a remedy method that cures injuries by improving the communication between the nerve and the muscle and recovering the muscle function. If you do strength training, do it after curing the problem by Tamatare Remedy so that an excess load will not be shed on joints.
Once again, strength training for recovery of the muscle function weakened through injury or age is hardly effective and is harmful in most cases.

Cause of joint pains

Most pains that occur with a joint movement originate from the nerve running in the muscle, especially from the branch of that nerve located in the neighborhood of the joint. A pain does never originate from a bone. This nerve group is called an unmedullated nerve. It is located at the very end of a motor nerve, which moves muscle, and its main function is to generate senses. This is why the pain that occurs with a joint movement is felt as if it is originated from a bone. People say "the joint aches", but they never say "the muscle around the joint aches." Why is it that a bone does not originate a pain? It is because a bone does not have a nerve running inside. If there were nerves within bones, they would create serious problems. A bone fracture would cut the nerve disabling the injured part permanently, and the patient would suffer severe pains and never be able to be calm. As a matter of fact, a patient of a bone fracture does not feel pain if the fractured part is fixed by a cast so that the muscle is not used, and pieces of the broken bone fuse again.
As has been explained, the origin of a joint pain is not a bone; it is the circumference of a muscle. Therefore, a joint pain that occurs with a movement disappears if the muscle becomes able to move the joint smoothly. This website clarifies each joint requires which muscle needs to regain smooth movement, providing examples.

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